Surveillance (Photo / Video)
Surveillance (Photo / Video)


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ICharge Covert Video Cam/ DVR

BlackOps iCharge Covert Video Camera DVR System
Working Charger For iPhone, iPad and/or iPod
Hidden LawMate Grade Camera - Built In DVR Records To Removable SD Card
Motion Activation And Time/Date Stamping - Remote Control

This new ingenious small covert video recording system is built into a tiny iCharger for charging up an iPhone, iPad or iPod. The iCharger stand contains a little secret. Hidden in it is a high grade high resolution low light video camera. The recording DVR is hidden and built into the wall outlet plug. Once in place, you can set it to motion activation or use the remote control to turn the video camera recording system on and off. Since the built in hidden LawMate grade DVR records to a Micro SD card, you can quickly remove the card with the evidence and leave the unit in place for black ops covert video operations as you review evidence and continue the investigation. This is covert video at it's best giving you LawMate Brand and law enforcement grade dependable and rugged equipment. The tiny iCharger hides in plain sight right out in the open and no one would ever suspect that the very product they are plugging their iPhone, iPad or iPod into is covertly video recording everything around it. With motion activation and time/date stamping, it's the perfect covert video recording system for anyone who has an iPhone, iPad or iPod! Since this high grade covert video recording system is powered by the wall outlet plug, there is no limitations on time nor battery power to worry about. Tiny, simple ingenious and a covert video power pack studio is the only was to describe this. 

Specifications And Features

• Normal looking and working iPad, iPhone, iPod Charging Station That Works
• Resolution: 450 TVL
• Frame Rate: 30 fps
• Min Lux: 1.5 Lux / F.2.0
• Motion Detection Activation
• Motion Sensitivity: High/Medium/ Low
• Remote Control Activation
• Memory: Micro SD Cards Up To 16G
• Operation Current 500 mA
• PC Interface: USB 2.0
• LawMate Brand And Law Enforcement Grade
• Rugged And Dependable For Your Important Covert Evidence Operations
• Eliminates The Bulk When It Comes To Self Contained Covert Video Systems
• Firmware Upgradeable


• iCharger With Hidden Camera
• AC Adaptor With Hidden DVR
• IR Remote Control
• 4 GB Micro SD Card
• Cable
• RCA Jack Cables
• Camera Input / Output Cable
• Size 
• Micro Sized: 2.5" X 2.5 " By .5 " Think

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