Surveillance (Photo / Video)
Surveillance (Photo / Video)

Investigations Fee Schedule

Investigations – Fee Schedule

Investigation Services:


 Field operations 0600 hrs to 2200 hrs



 Filed operations 2200 hrs to 0600 hrs


 Office Administration

 Includes all office administrative duties



 Locate persons of interest (Canada)

 $500.00 (+)


 Locate persons of interest (U.S.A.)

 $1000.00 (+)

 Special Services “ops”

 Canadian Region


 Special Services “ops”

 Out of Canadian Region 

 Call for price

Mobile Equipment Charge: 

Vehicle Travel Charge - per vehicle

NOTE: Vehicles are a standard use for all surveillance/investigations


Motorcycle Travel Charge

(Street and off-road) 


Surveillance on water – surveillance boat, W.C.B., Domestic etc. 

(price does not include vehicle kilometers traveled to and from the lakes,

investigative time and boat fuel cost)

$300.00/per day

Aircraft Surveillance 

(price does not include airport landing fees, vehicle kilometers traveled to

and from airport)



Expenses (most common expenses include; photo/video film,
cellular air time, long distance calls, confidential sources etc.)

Call for price

All Prices Subjected To Change Without Notice

Mailing Address:

Office Address:


GPS Coordinates:

Suite 1599

Suite 101

(780) 448-9758 - Office

N53.49216  W113.48536

5328 Calgary Trail, N.W.

5673 – 99 Street, N.W.

(780) 448-9788 - Fax


Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

Toll Free Canada & US




 1(866) 892-3632


T6H 4J8

T6E 3N8