Unfaithful women

Women are also guilty of being unfaithful, however, the reasons and circumstances for a woman’s infidelity are largely quite different from a man’s. A cheating wife’s reasons for unfaithfulness are numerous. Women need attention. Loneliness, being unappreciated, and monotony are all reasons for unfaithfulness that stem from a woman’s lack of attention. Sometimes women are motivated by revenge. A husband’s infidelity may provoke a woman to cheat. Of course, there are still women who seek out and marry decent and respectable men yet need the excitement, money, gifts or extra attention an affair can provide.

The desire for sexual gratification is not usually motivation for a woman’s infidelity. Women tend to look for a partner that can provide something for her; for example, someone younger, more handsome, richer, more masculine, attentive, or more fun than the partner she already has. Rather than search for someone who can simply provide sexual gratification, a woman will have an affair with someone they like to be with and with whom they can develop a relationship.It is purely instinctual for a woman to want 

to be with a man who can improve her circumstances; someone better. Although a woman may not want to leave her husband, women who lack something in the relationship may look elsewhere to obtain what they are missing. The man a woman chooses to have an affair with may not in actuality be a better person, but the woman perceives him to be a better man.

Although more prevalent in the 1960’s, there are still women today who marry purely for security and not for love. Marrying a man who can provide financial stability does not necessarily mean that a woman is married to the man of her dreams. These types of woman may begin an affair in search of the love they are missing. These women may also begin an affair with someone who can provide them with better security; upgrading if the opportunity presents itself.

Of course there are also the women who keep themselves in shape, are sexy and attempt to keep their husband’s interested; yet, for some reason, their husbands have become disinterested. A husband who is disinterested in his wife, or her attempts to keep the relationship alive, may not realize his lack of action can be a precursor to his wife’s extramarital relationship.

If you have cheated on your wife, or if your wife believes you have cheated on her, she may very well have a relationship with someone else just to pay you back. Women today realize their sexual abilities and have no illusions about being able to find a man with whom to have sex. Cheating on you levels the playing field.

Women who are not treated as equals may look for a relationship in which they are equally treated. Even if you have a stay-at-home wife she still wants you to treat her as if her opinions matter, as much as yours. Women want a partner, not someone who treats them as the little woman. Woman who work all day outside the home and yet are required to do all the housework and look after 

 relationship alive

the children may eventually resent their husbands. Working woman are treated with respect outside the home and expect to be treated the same at home. These women may cheat just to feel important and equal.

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Have you noticed:
  • Ninety percent of men who believe their spouse is cheating are correct. Here are a few points to look at.

  • A sudden increase in time away from home;

  • A decreased sexual interest with you;

  • A spouse who is often distracted and day dreaming;

  • That she is often “unavailable” while at work;

  • She attends new functions outside of work and wants to attend alone;

  • That cell phone calls from you are not returned in timely fashion;

  • She leaves house or goes to other rooms to talk on the telephone;

  • She uses the computer alone and secretly;

  • She asks about your schedule more often than usual;

  • That the mileage on car is high yet she reports only short distance errands;

  • That her clothes smell of perfume or cologne that is unfamiliar to you;

  • She gets his laundry done independently;

  • That there are unexplained payments on bank statements;

  • She has more cash on hand;

  • That cell phone bills contain calls with long duration;

  • She now has a phone card but never used one before;

  • She has unexplained receipts in his wallet;

  • She has suspicious phone voice-mail messages;

  • She has suspicious cell phone numbers stored or dialed;

  • She begins to use a new or free e-mail account;

  • She is suddenly deleting e-mail messages; and

  • She has unexplained charges on his credit card bills.