The Cautious Cheater

Every year we at Covert Investigations Inc., encounter cases where our clients have either neglected to accept the idea that their spouse is a very cautious and aware cheat or they have completely underestimated their partner. A sophisticated cheater may be completely aware of any of the techniques used by private investigators. The sophisticated cheater may be attentive to his surroundings and know how to look for surveillance when traveling. They may know how a computer might be monitored and they may know that phone numbers can be traced. Accordingly, it is imperative that you do not provide them with any reason to be more cautious or alert. To provide you with an additional perspective, the following list of tips can easily be found on the web. These tips give advice to cheaters in how to keep infidelity hidden. You should be aware of some of the points that websites make. They are as follows:

A Sophisticated Cheater May:
  • Take precautions and ensure no one is following them. They may do this by making frequent stops and simply watching for unusual behavior in traffic.

  • Not get involved with someone they knows.

  • Have friends provide false alibis.

  • Not make changes to their daily schedule so as to arouse suspicion. They will fit an affair into the schedule they already have.

  • Memorize phone numbers or write them down in “code.” calls will be made from pay phones or the numbers will be deleted from home or cell phones regularly.

  • Give their lover a false name, job, etc., to keep them from knowing who they are.

  • Stop making calls from home or a cell phone or perhaps obtain a second cell phone that the spouse knows nothing about.

  • Have their lover leave messages and give false call back numbers.

  • Cancel any telephone option that will identify callers (e.G. Caller id, *69).

  • Not use their interac or credits cards, which can be traced.

  • Limit travel in their own vehicles so as to keep mileage down.

  • Keep away from places where friends, family or co-workers may recognize them.

  • Change clothes, use perfume or cologne, chew gum so as to cover up any scents.