Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Upon submission of my service request to www.covertinvestigations.ca , I " Client" understand, acknowledge and agree that I have retained the services of Covert Investigations Inc., (hereinafter "Covert") for the purpose of fulfilling my request for the applicable fee. I do hereby guarantee to Covert that I have submitted my valid credit card information in order to pay such fee, or will immediately mail such payment in full to Covert, if I have been approved for billing terms. I understand that Covert will conduct my service upon their receipt of my valid credit card information, debit, cheque, money order, email transfer or cash.

Covert may subcontract the work to be performed under this agreement at its own discretion.

Surveillance And Other Field Investigation Services

The client hereby agrees to employ Covert, it’s agents and employees, to undertake certain investigative duties. Covert requires a deposit on fees, to be agreed upon, in order to handle this matter on your behalf.

Should the client decide to terminate this investigation, or otherwise not pursue this action, any remaining monies held on the client’s behalf, less $300.00, will be returned to the client. Should fees for services provided to you exceed the amount of retainer held on your behalf, you will be required to replenish the retainer upon request in order for us to continue the investigation on your behalf.

All surveillance or field investigation services shall be conducted according to the Fee Schedule, or as agreed upon, (per agent) plus any other justifiable expenses incurred while in the performance of the investigation. Time beginning upon departure from the agency office and terminating upon return to the agency office, including mileage, or justifiable expenses and that no guarantee of results is given. The client understands that all justifiable expenses shall include, but are not limited to; long distance telephone calls, postage, parking fees, reproduction costs, travel expenses, road traffic violation tickets collected by Investigator(s) during surveillance operation(s) and all other disbursements necessary to the proper performances of the investigation. Covert will perform the described services for the client and will charge for these services according to the Fee Schedule, or as agreed upon, unless the agency waives such fees. These charges will be credited against the retainer.

Note: There is a Three (3) Hour Minimum fee per day (per agent), plus expenses.

Each court appearance, interview, consultation, drafting and preparation of paper work, telephone calls, whether with the client or not, unanswered calls to the client, research, calls or meeting with experts and/or witnesses, and any preparation connected with the investigation will be billed on an hourly rate of $80.00 per hour, day or night, with the minimum time charged of 15 minutes. "Family, Domestic, Civil & WCB Investigations", in Edmonton & Area, will be billed at an hourly rate of $80.00 per hour, $0.65 per km travelled from and back to the office, day or night, with a minimum charge of Three (3) hours per event (per agent) in Edmonton and Area, OR on out of town cases (stay over night) a minimum charge of Eight (8) hours per day (per agent), at $85.00 per hour, $0.65 per km travelled from the and back to the office plus expenses. On out of town cases a $45.00 per day - meal fee is added, accommodations and any associated costs may also apply. "Special Investigations" (High Risk Investigation or Ops) will be billed at an hourly rate of $200.00 per hour, $0.65 per km travelled from and back to the office, day or night, with a minimum charge of Three (3) hours per event (per agent), plus expenses.

Those fees due (less retainer already received) will be paid upon completion of this assignment; or upon either Covert’s or the client’s determination that no further action can be taken to complete this assignment. Payments will be made to the address of Covert, listed on the “Contact” page. Payments arriving after the due date will be considered late and a service charge of 2.0% per month (compounded monthly) of the balance will then be due to Covert. A service charge of $25.00 will be due and payable for any cheque returned (NSF) to Covert. Service will not be initiated until, at the option of Covert, the retainer cheque has been determined to have sufficient funding.

Covert hereby agrees to appear in court and cooperate fully with the client’s lawyer and law enforcement agencies, concerning any evidence submitted. Any court appearances are subject to fees as discussed above.


All material on this site was prepared by and is the exclusive property of Covert Investigations Inc. No material may be copied, reproduced or republished without the express consent of Covert Investigations Inc. All rights reserved.

Although this site does include links providing direct access to other Internet sites, specifically experts,Covert Investigations Inc., takes no responsibility for the content or information contained on those sites nor do we guarantee anything about the linked sites or owners thereof. The information provided on this web site is for educational purposes only and is not in any manner intended to substitute for legal advice. Any information pertaining to legal matters should be reviewed with a lawyer.

Because statutes change frequently and the case law that interprets them can easily change on a daily basis, Covert Investigations Inc., neither represents, warranties nor claims that the information on these pages is the most current or accurate information available, or is without any errors or omissions.

Period Of Service:

This agreement covers services rendered during the agreed upon period specified on the “Investigation Order” form. If no termination date is agreed, then this agreement is considered to be in effect until written notification is received of termination of the agreement. This agreement may be terminated at any time by either party for breach or neglect of duty by the other not remedied within 15 days after written notice by either party. No termination shall prejudice Covert’s rights to payments for services completed prior to the effective date of termination.

Covert further agrees that all information obtained during the investigation is CONFIDENTIAL, and only releasable to the client and/or their lawyer. The client and/or any of its representatives shall not disseminate ANY information supplied by the agency to a third party under any circumstances.

Covert shall, at it’s own discretion and judgment, determine proper method of investigation, and shall at all times have the right to refuse to engage in conduct which, in the judgment of it’s management, is improper, illegal, or involves too great a personal risk to the investigator(s).

Any interference by the client, their representative(s), or a third party in this investigation will render this contract null and void, and the retainer is therefore forfeited.

Furthermore any misrepresentation of information made to Covert or withheld by the client, as well as their representative(s), legal or otherwise, that are pertinent to the investigation will render this contract null and the retainer is therefor forfeited.

By ordering any investigation service on-line, the client furthermore agrees to indemnify and hold Covert and its corporate officers, business owners, and their agents, as well as the investigators harmless against all claims, damages, losses, expenses, liabilities, and/or client or third party actions arising out of or related to the Covert’s services or information provided therein, except those arisingfrom Covert’s intentional wrongful acts. Covert shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages of any type.

The client agrees that they have entered into this online agreement on their own free will, and understand that all outstanding invoices are to be paid within thirty (30) days of the date of the said invoice.

The client also understands and agrees to reimburse Covert for all costs incurred in connection to an attempt by them to collect on all outstanding invoices, including but not limited to lawyer fees, legal fees and any other expenses.

The client hereby having read the foregoing contract accepts and agrees with the terms and conditions set forth in this contract. The client furthermore declares that at time of submitting their investigation service to Covert, they were under no duress, nor under any threat of personal safety, and the client’s faculties were not impaired. Furthermore the client has had ample time to read these terms and conditions and has been given an opportunity to ask questions before submitting said contract to Covert Investigations Inc.

The client hereby agrees that information obtained through Covert will only be used for the purpose of:

  • A commonly recognized business use whereby the business for which the client seeks the information has a pre-existing business relationship with the subject of the inquiry; or

  • A use which will clearly cause no emotional, physical or financial harm to any person or company, organization or third party which is subject to the inquiry; or

  • A use that is relevant to the subject matter of a documented civil or criminal action.

Client agrees that they will not divulge Covert as the source of any investigations without a court order or under the laws of Canada or the United States. In the event a subpoena or discovery request is issued to the client. The client agrees to notify Covert as soon as possible in such circumstances. The client shall not disclose or re-export any information contained in Covert's reports to any person or location. Information is proprietary and remains exclusively the property of Covert. The client's decision to disclose or re-export this information is done at his or her own risk.

No refunds, exchanges, or credits will be given to any client unless Covert fails to provide investigations on a legitimate and accurate request, in accordance with this agreement the client is solely responsible for accurately filling out the "Investigation Order” form and selecting appropriate requests. Covert Investigations Inc., cannot be held responsible for typos or mistakes given in the ordering information entered by the client. Because all service orders are processed immediately, no cancellations are allowed or accepted once an order has been submitted.

The client agrees to indemnify Covert and its suppliers, employees and officers for all damages, claims, consequences, or losses suffered by Covert as a result of possible claims by third parties relating to the use of data provided by Covert. By ordering from Covert, the client assumes all related legal liability, consents to waive all claims against Covert resulting from any investigations and agrees to indemnify Covert from any and all claims and consequences arising out of; found or not found information and from any and all claims that may result from clients request. Covert shall not be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages of any type. Likewise, the client attests that they have not misrepresented themselves, their company, organization or their purpose for viewing the website or for ordering investigation services from such. The client understands that isrepresentation in this agreement may result in civil and criminal action against them, their organization, employees and affiliates.

The client understands that returned cheques and disputed credit card transactions for valid searches will be charged an additional $25.00 (NSF) fee.

The client hereby fully acknowledges, agrees and gives consent to all terms and conditions as amended by Covert from time to time. The client remains responsible for the full cost of their ordered investigation. Although service fees may change from time to time, your fee for the requested investigation is guaranteed upon submission of your request.

In the event any provisions of this agreement are held to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this agreement will remain in full force and effect.