Domestic surveillance is the technique used to determine if a spouse is unfaithful. An investigator is put out in the field and follows the suspected cheater to document their activities without their knowledge. We commonly receive calls from individuals who have suspicions of infidelity. This is not anything to be embarrassed about. You are in search of peace of mind about something you are uncertain of. It is quite normal to wish to establish whether or not your suspicions are real or imagined. If there is no confirmation of spousal infidelity, you will have established peace of mind. Our investigations are completely confidential; if you are wrong, you will not forfeit the relationship.

Covert Investigations

As long as one stays within the confines of the law (see “Legalities of Surveillance”), surveillance by a licensed investigator is completely legal. Generally, surveillance fees are billed on an hourly basis plus a mileage charge. Before we begin an investigation, we will establish a strategy dependant on the circumstances and your needs. Once this plan is in place, a budget will be established. Preparing a plan is often more important than implementation. The better the preparation in devising the surveillance, the more likely it is to be beneficial and cost effective. As you know more about your spouse’s activities, we will require you to assist us in developing the surveillance plan. We need you to help us determine where we should begin surveillance.

Covert Investigations

Basic surveillance on an individual (from home or work) may be carried out by one agent. More complex circumstances, such as following someone from an office building, airport or hotel, may involve another agent. We may also advise the use of a second agent when following aggressive drivers or vigilant drivers. Of course, an additional agent adds to the fee. Please note that law enforcement agencies conduct surveillance with at least two cars. There is a smaller chance of detection if there are more investigators.

Once the surveillance plan is prepared, you must take care not to alert your spouse. Do not alter your usual behavior and do not ask too many questions about their activities.

Our surveillance investigations are completely confidential. We will do all that is needed to ensure the covert quality of the investigation. If we ever sense that the security of the investigation is endangered, we will withdraw and reassess with your input. One important aspect to remember; never threaten your spouse by saying you are going to hire an investigator; this will make watching an individual even more problematical.

Upon completion, you will, of course, receive a surveillance report of your spouse’s activities which details all the activities in writing. All documentation, including surveillance tapes or photos, will be "submitted to you. Should you not wish to keep this information, we can retain it for you."