Process Serving Fee Schedule

File Entry Fee - per service 

Price: $10.00

Effected service standard business hours 0800 hrs to 2100 hrs

Price: $35.00

Service requested by client after regular business hours, 2100 hrs to 0800 hrs 

Price: $60.00

Service of additional party, or action, at the same time as original service 

Price: $20.00

Attempted service 

Price: $12.00

Rush fee surcharge (service required within 3 hours)

Price: $35.00

Kilometer charge, return from the courthouse (10 km minimum charge per trip) 

Price: $0.85/km

Travel time (on out of town services greater than 50 km one way) 

Price: $75.00/hr

Waiting time

Price: $75.00/hr

To file documents at the court house prior to service

Price: $30.00

Affidavit of Personal Service / exhibited & commissioned

Price: no charge

Affidavit of Service by text or email

Price: $50.00

Affidavit in Support

Price: $50.00

Sub-contract services (Canada)

Price: $60.00

Sub-contract services (outside of Canada)

Price: $120.00

Print email or photo copy (per page)

Price: $0.35 / per page

Commissioner for oath

Price: $0.85/km + $35.00

Missing the required photograph for service of the Statement of Claim for Divorce?

Price: $10.00

We personally serve all documents in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Out of town document services are distributed to agents from our head office in Edmonton.

All Prices Subjected To Change Without Notice (Last up-dated, 01 January, 2024)