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The workplace is now the number one place for infidelity. People who work closely together develop common interests. Constant interactions such as group projects, team work, travel out of the office and late hours, can all lead to infidelity. Individuals with outgoing or alluring personalities who work together may develop friendships. People of the opposite sex who develop common interests with each other may grow close. These people share the same stresses, the same deadlines, the same surroundings; it is foreseeable that they may become close. This unavoidable closeness, commonalties and time spent together can lead to friendship. This may lead to spending extra time together and a friendship that has become deep. Strong emotional attachments with the opposite sex more often than not can lead to romance.

At home a person has to deal with regular life such as bills, problems and chores. At work a person’s romance would be with someone outside of all these issues. One may look at the situation as being able to relate better to the co-worker than they do their partner. The co-worker is someone who can empathize with their home issues and not attach any of the stresses that home often has. This makes the infidelity more appealing and, perhaps, gives an excuse for the one cheating

It is not uncommon for the cheater to feel that his/her situation is not the usual “cheap affair.” As the relationship began as a friendship, something positive, they commonly look at their situation as having innocently fallen into romance

There is also the cheater who does not look at their romance as being inappropriate. These individuals can believe that romance has just “fallen” into their lap. They may also just rationalize the situation by pointing out that others at the workplace are involved in relationships as this – “everyone does it.”

Of course there is still the thrill seeking cheater who does not hold any relationship as sacred; they are still as wide spread as ever.

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